How to Build a Personalised and Engaging Reading Culture for All

Join our upcoming webinar on January 31st! Be part of the conversation between Chante Givens, the Academic Director of Beijing International Bilingual Academy (BIBA), and Frances Kingston, a Renaissance expert and consultant. Together, they’ll unravel […]

English Language Acquisition in & out of EFL Classroom

Confident students learn faster and become independent learners, which opens the door to academic success. Join our live webinar with Karen Randolfe, a Renaissance Expert, about the role of authentic texts with native narration in […]

How to Unleash Student Potential with Star Assessments Best Practices

Join us for an informative webinar on Star Assessments best practices, featuring Renaissance expert Sophie Gudgeon. In this session, Sophie will delve into the latest insights and strategies for optimising the implementation of Star Assessments. […]

Helping Students Overcome the Summer Slide in Reading

Teachers around the world all struggle with the summer slide phenomenon, in which students lose some of the learning they achieved in the previous school year over the summer break. Reading comprehension is also affected […]

Enhancing Reading Proficiency: Accelerated Reader Best Practices

Join our engaging webinar, where we’ll delve into the world of Accelerated Reader (AR) and explore effective strategies to foster a love for reading in students. This webinar is tailored for educators seeking to enhance […]

Boost Student Success with myON Best Practices

This engaging virtual event is designed to provide educators with invaluable insights into optimising reading practices for their students, ensuring optimal growth and development. Throughout the webinar, we will delve into the most effective classroom […]

Using myON to Support EFL Literacy Development Across Subject Areas

Let’s explore how myON can be used to build literacy skills and support English language learners as they access other areas of the curriculum. From a personalised library of interactive books to tools which support […]

Effective Integration of Technology for Learning with myON

Language teachers know that “learners need a great deal of exposure to comprehensible input to develop proficiency” and that “no two people achieve communicative competence at the same rate or exactly in the same way” […]

Scaffolding Students' Reading Practice with myON Library and Accelerated Reader

Empowering students in their reading choices is critical in promoting a life-long love of reading. In this webinar, we will explore how the myON library and Accelerated Reader can help teachers guide their students and […]

Beating the summer slide with myON

Join us in this engaging webinar hosted by Renaissance trainer Sophie Gudgeon where we will delve into the crucial topic of reading, its significance for children during the summer break and discover how a lack […]

Utilising Project Based Delivery To Ensure Rapid Progression in EFL Environment

Project-based learning (PBL) is a model that effectively drives both teaching and learning of language everywhere. Educators know that providing opportunities to practice, apply, and respond to content leads to meaningful engagement by learners. And […]

Creating Classroom-Home Connection for Reading

During this 45 min session, we will explore the benefits of using myON as a classroom tool to support your teaching and learning as part of your Complete Literacy Solution. The tools within myON allow […]

Developing PISA 2025 Skills in the IB Schools

The webinar will focus on how the PISA2025 English test measures skills student learn in IB schools, like Inquiry-based learning. Our guest speaker will share her highlights using myON on this topic that educators can […]

Comment Lalilo maintient la motivation des élèves dans l’apprentissage de la lecture?

En proposant un univers ludique dans lequel les exercices s’adaptent en temps réel aux besoins de chaque élève pour les faire progresser de manière efficace ; En fournissant des données détaillées facilement actionnables dans le […]

A Complete Literacy Strategy to Achieve Students’ English Success

This webinar is designed to equip educators of primary and secondary schools with the tools and strategies they need to help students develop their English language skills and succeed in their reading performance. During this […]

Maximizing Student Success: How Star Assessment Supports Assessment Requirements in Schools

Join Steven Gibson, English Leader at JESS Dubai where he’ll be discussing the topic of Star Assessment and its relevance to the assessment requirements in schools, including differentiation, student-led choice, and the use of data […]

myON Supporting Schools Preparing for PISA2025

The session will show how shared knowledge of learning progression with daily, bi-weekly, and three-monthly frequency will put students in the driver’s seat and naturally grow them to be the agent of their development. We […]

Developing a culture of reading for pleasure

Reading is an essential skill and what kids are reading can have a profound impact on their cognitive, emotional, and social development. So what can we do to help kids develop their reading abilities, and […]

Building an Engaging Library Through Assessment and Personalised Planning

The structure of a library is very important in appealing and nurturing student’s reading engagement. In this webinar, Charlotte Todd, who is in charge of the reading system at Harrow Shenzhen International School, and Katrina […]

Improving Literacy of EAL Students Through Guided Reading

Guided reading is a key strategy for differentiating reading instruction. This session discusses key features of effective guided reading lessons. Two guest speakers from EAL teaching backgrounds will explore strategies and educational resources that can […]

Use Learning Progression to Fuel Student Success

International and British International Schools, all schools – Teachers, head teachers, directors, principals, librarians, etc. This session will show how shared knowledge of learning progression with daily, bi-weekly, and three-monthly frequency will put students in […]

Increasing Students’ Reading Motivation

Create a culture of reading in your school with the help of Accelerated Reader (AR) and Follett Destiny Library Manager. Accelerated Reader is a great way to engage and motivate students to read. When combined […]

Engaging Students in News Reading

News articles are an outstanding source of content for EL teachers whilst connecting classrooms with the real word and current affairs. In this webinar, we will explore how the news can support students and improve […]

IB Programme – Building Research Skills with myON

Finding and evaluating sources of information, organising research materials, formulating questions, analysing information, notetaking, citing sources —myON has features to help with all the above, and more. The internet can be an overwhelming place when […]

Differentiated reading strategies to achieve literacy growth

Educators are constantly looking for better ways to differentiate and address individual students’ needs in improving literacy growth. Creating an effective reading environment is no doubt a key aspect. As students vary from one another, […]

Reading Enjoyment - Even During the Winter Break

It is not always easy to keep children reading especially when away from school. Reading for enjoyment, is crucial but how do we ensure they are engaged and getting the most from the experience. Three […]

A Balanced Approach to Maximise Literacy Development​

Balanced literacy is a framework for developing language proficiency. By using guided reading and independent reading programs, we provide the right balance of guidance and challenges, and also support the discovery of a child’s reading […]

Reading Programs and Practices at Harrow Schools

It is a pleasure to have two Harrow schools join us to discuss school-wide reading strategies, and share their cross-curricular reading practices at schools. Join our Education and Curriculum specialist Margaret Allen as she discusses […]

How to build a reading environment within schools

Today, it’s more important than ever to create a reading environment that encourages pupil engagements and promotes a love of reading. Join us for a panel discussion that explores the best practice to ensure effective […]

Paper to Digital – An Effective Transition for Reading

Digital reading is now firmly established alongside traditional print texts at home, in the workplace, and at school. Print texts plays an important role for children to learn and retain knowledge long-term. Digital reading, however, […]