School Spotlight: GEMS Wellington Academy, UAE

Emma Monteith, Head of English at GEMS First Point School, Dubai discusses how Renaissance solutions have supported the school over the last few years. A one-time-only discussion with an experienced Renaissance school that has seen a complete […]

Developing English reading skills through myON

Confident students learn faster and become independent learners that open the door for academic success – a webinar with Margaret Allen about the role of authentic texts with native narration in the learning cycle for […]

Using myON to prepare for the PYP exhibition

While the PYP exhibition is a very exciting time, carrying out in-depth research can often feel like a daunting task for students. In this session, we will explore some of the challenges students face at […]

Joining the dots with Freckle

Freckle provides tailored maths practice for all abilities, balancing fun with learning. Having such a strong real time understanding into the children’s progress and proficiency as well as witnessing them develop a love of maths […]

Inquiry-based maths lessons with Freckle

Inquiry-based maths looks different in every classroom. In this session, we will explore how Freckle can be used to enhance and drive maths inquiries in a range of contexts. You will learn about areas on […]

Freckle hits the spot!

Imagine a maths learning platform where a child could complete an assessment that would be able to fast track them to an individual starting step for each of the maths domains? Star Maths and Freckle […]

Hidden Treasures of AR (International)

Are you really getting the maximum value from Accelerated Reader? AR has many features that get overlooked and we are keen to ensure you know about some of them. AR is extremely effective and has […]

Freckle making its mark

Catherine will share how she has ensured that Freckle has been embedded in her day to day Maths teaching. Her rich understanding and creative appreciation of the benefits and flexible nature of Freckle in the […]

Opening the Door to Learning through Reading

Reading is an essential skill to success in academic and professional life. However, inviting young learners to enjoy reading can be very challenging, especially in an online learning environment. How to encourage students, even the […]

Support Your English Language Classroom Instruction with Authentic Books

English teachers all over the world recognize the challenge of providing their students with the comprehensible input necessary to take students from learning English to using English. Language teachers know that 1) textbooks provide a […]

Preparing Students for PISA EFL Test, 2025

Better readers in school become more literate young adults – a webinar with Dr Carol Johnson will explain PISA measures and how educators need to know what is efficient, beneficial, and effective. myON as a […]

Collaborating on Transdisciplinary Projects in myON

Transdisciplinary learning allows students to gain a deeper understanding of a concept. When subject teachers collaborate, it leads to a more authentic experience for the student, helping them to make new connections and take their […]

In It to Win It : Everything you ever wanted to know about the Renaissance Awards

First launched in 2016, the Renaissance Awards is an annual celebration of the fantastic work being done by staff and students to raise standards of literacy, numeracy and assessment over the course of a school […]

5 Ways of discovering what your ‘kids’ are reading

Our annual What Kids Are Reading report, written by Professor Keith Topping, provides a unique insight into the books read by students in Years 1-12 in primary and secondary schools across the UK and Ireland, […]

Reading success and celebration with the Complete Literacy Solution

Join us on Wednesday 23rd June for a showcase of the “Complete Literacy Solution” from Renaissance that is already used by over 52,000 schools across the world. Led by Frances Kingston, an expert from Renaissance […]

Encourage reading on myON to avoid the summer slide

Research shows that reading just 20 minutes a day over the summer can make a world of difference. Give your students access to engaging digital resources this summer so that they will be eager to […]

Preventing the Summer Slide: Summer reading that keeps children and families engaged

Studies suggest we can prevent summer learning loss by engaging kids in summertime reading, but the benefits depend on making sure kids are truly interested in reading — and having fun! But how do we […]

Help English Language Educators Achieve Personalised Learning

Each student has a unique path and should be empowered to take that journey at their own pace. That’s why personalised Learning is so important to help teachers meet the learning goals and needs of […]

Language Development within Early Years Foundation

In this webinar, we will focus on early childhood programs—and explore how teachers and administrators can best support children in their language development and accelerate learning in the new school year. Samuel and Matthew, the […]

The role of assessment in the language learning cycle

International and British International Schools, all schools preparing for PISA2025 – Teachers, head teachers, directors, principals, librarians, etc. The session will show how to meet the students at their level and build on their strengths. […]

Back to School with Renaissance Complete Literacy Solution

Starting a new school year as a teacher is an exciting time and as students return to the classroom, we understand the need for accurate, reliable solutions that can instantly identify and close gaps in […]

Assessment's role in academic recovery

Numerous reports have documented the academic impacts of the recent COVID-related disruptions. As we begin a new school year, how are students performing and how do we optimally help them recover? Academic recovery will require […]

Track and Improve Students' Reading Progression

Regular reading is vital to improving students’ literacy skills and their overall academic performance. So what can schools do to ensure that students are getting that practice and improving reading achievement with increased motivation? In […]

The Power of Reading Comprehension

English teachers in foreign language settings all over the world recognize the importance of providing their students with materials that facilitate growth. Ensuring growth in reading depends on 1) Providing students with reading opportunities at […]

Textbooks Versus Authentic Books in English Language Learning

The session will show how authentic books are communication confidence accelerators. Deductive teaching approach in EFL classrooms, employing books designed for native speakers. Exploratory learning environment and creating learner-led practice cycles reinforce expanding student vocabulary. […]

Education Technology Transforms English Teaching

In recent years, schools are incorporating emerging technologies. We saw the use of edtech has helped many schools transform English teaching and learning, and given students the opportunity to track their own learning progress against […]

Maximise literacy growth for EFL students with personalised program

In this session, we discuss how to maximise literacy growth for EFL students. Study suggests reading within the optimal range is a key component of successful reading practice and goal setting. So how could educators […]

Paper to Digital – An Effective Transition for Reading

Digital reading is now firmly established alongside traditional print texts at home, in the workplace, and at school. Print texts plays an important role for children to learn and retain knowledge long-term. Digital reading, however, […]

Star Assessments: Using Star to track student progress, monitor attainment and develop personalised student interventions

Star Assessments by Renaissance are easy to administer student assessments covering the whole National Curriculum. The assessments are intuitive, rigorous and easy to administer and enable teachers to develop an in depth understanding of pupil […]

How to build a reading environment within schools

Today, it’s more important than ever to create a reading environment that encourages pupil engagements and promotes a love of reading. Join us for a panel discussion that explores the best practice to ensure effective […]

Reading Programs and Practices at Harrow Schools

It is a pleasure to have two Harrow schools join us to discuss school-wide reading strategies, and share their cross-curricular reading practices at schools. Join our Education and Curriculum specialist Margaret Allen as she discusses […]

A Balanced Approach to Maximise Literacy Development​

Balanced literacy is a framework for developing language proficiency. By using guided reading and independent reading programs, we provide the right balance of guidance and challenges, and also support the discovery of a child’s reading […]

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