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Star Reading

Our K–12 comprehensive assessment provides all the insights needed to guide literacy growth for emergent readers, struggling readers, and high achievers, whether you are testing in-person, remotely, or a combination of both.

Perfect for in-person, remote, and hybrid instruction, this comprehensive reading assessment gives you the information you need to ensure your students reach high levels of literacy. For universal screening, progress monitoring, goal setting, and more

Star Maths

Increase maths mastery with actionable insight into each student’s math skills and subskills—whether you’re teaching in-person, remotely, or a blend of both. For universal screening, progress monitoring, goal setting, and more.

Whether you are testing in person, remotely, or a combination of both, use Star Math data to connect each student at every grade level with the concepts they need for future success.

Star Early Literacy

Quickly measure K–3 students’ early literacy and early numeracy skills with a computer-adaptive assessment designed just for young learners. For universal screening, progress monitoring, goal setting, and more. Administer in-person or remotely.

Give your K–3 students their best start with a literacy and numeracy assessment designed to help you confidently guide every student towards reading proficiency, whether students are learning in-person, remotely, or a combination of both.

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Practice & Instruction

Accelerated Reader

Motivate, monitor, and manage students’ independent reading practice with Accelerated Reader and watch as students develop a true love for reading. Perfect for in-person, remote, and hybrid instruction.

From recognizing students’ achievements to students discovering new interests, Accelerated Reader helps create a culture of reading through choice.

Students who read more perform better in all their academic coursework. Help all your teachers make up for lost instructional time by helping students learn to love reading. 

Lalilo Early Literacy

Lalilo is an online tool for K, 1st and 2nd grade teachers and students. The Lalilo website is accessible on tablets, iPads and computers. Lalilo works in school environments or in a distance learning setting.

Students journey through different worlds, collecting badges and unlocking stories. The vocabulary-rich stories teach students about nature and animals in engaging and fun ways. Teachers can track whole class and individual progress. They can also assign specific lessons.

myON Reading Practice

Ensure all students can engage in frequent, high-quality reading practice with unlimited, 24/7 access to thousands of enhanced digital books and age-appropriate news articles. Perfect for in-person, remote, or blended learning environments.

Simply increasing students’ access to reading materials can increase reading engagement and, in turn, reading growth. With myON, students get access to thousands of digital books—and so much more. From robust scaffolds that help students build reading and writing skills to customizable assignments and reports to help teachers nurture and monitor their progress, myON helps you supercharge reading growth for every learner.

Freckle Practice Tool

Reach every student at their own level with skills-based practice in math and ELA—both inside and outside the classroom.

Easily identify each student’s individual level and deliver “just-right” practice aligned to math and ELA standards. As students practice independently, Freckle continuously adapts and provides content that fits the variety of ways they learn best. Use Freckle to support high-dosage tutoring, independent practice, or whole-class instruction.  


Growth Alliance

For US curriculum only

Your favorite edtech partners are working together to improve the way your technology works—so you can accelerate growth for all students.

Imagine what you could accomplish if your programs shared information seamlessly, giving you a 360-degree view of every student’s strengths and learning needs. The Renaissance Growth Alliance does just this, connecting assessment, instruction, and practice to show you the path forward for every learner. The result: You spend less time sifting through data and more time actually using it to drive instruction and guide greater growth.

Growth Platform

For US curriculum only

The Renaissance Growth Platform seamlessly connects our and our partners’ products, providing the data and insights you need to drive student growth.

Students learn better when we all work together. The Renaissance Growth Platform connects assessment, instruction, and practice across partner products and your Renaissance products. Seamless syncing keeps students’ data up-to-date and allows for uninterrupted learning.

Schoolzilla Data Dashboards

Giving school leaders the relevant data they need to quickly answer questions around how their schools and students are performing whether learning occurs in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid model.

Schoolzilla is a powerful yet easy-to-use K–12 analytics solution that supports in-person, remote, or hybrid learning environments. By bringing together the data sources you currently use into an interactive data dashboard system, Schoolzilla gives district and school leaders the data they need to make decisions with confidence.

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Complete Literacy Solution

The Complete Literacy Solution from Renaissance helps create a culture of reading by encouraging students of all ages and abilities to read more.

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