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Our assessment and practice solutions are versatile enough to support learning wherever it happens, but they can really support teaching and learning in a classroom environment.

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'The Effect of myON Reader on EFL Reading’ by Dr Carol Johnson

The Effect of myON Reader on EFL Reading’ by Dr Carol Johnson

‘Educators need to know that the materials they choose are both effective and efficient. In the end, they deserve to know that the books their students read facilitate real growth in English.’

Globally, teachers trust Renaissance to spark tremendous maths and literacy growth

Star Reading

Our K–12 comprehensive assessment provides all the insights needed to guide literacy growth for emergent readers, struggling readers, and high achievers, whether you are testing in-person, remotely, or a combination of both.

Star Maths

Increase maths mastery with actionable insight into each student’s math skills and subskills—whether you’re teaching in-person, remotely, or a blend of both. For universal screening, progress monitoring, goal setting, and more.

Star Early Literacy

Quickly measure K–3 students’ early literacy and early numeracy skills with a computer-adaptive assessment designed just for young learners. For universal screening, progress monitoring, goal setting, and more. Administer in-person or remotely.

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Accelerated Reader

Motivate, monitor, and manage students’ independent reading practice with Accelerated Reader and watch as students develop a true love for reading. Perfect for in-person, remote, and hybrid instruction.

Lalilo Early Literacy

Lalilo is an online tool for K, 1st and 2nd grade teachers and students. The Lalilo website is accessible on tablets, iPads and computers. Lalilo works in school environments or in a distance learning setting.

myON Reading Practice

Ensure all students can engage in frequent, high-quality reading practice with unlimited, 24/7 access to thousands of enhanced digital books and age-appropriate news articles. Perfect for in-person, remote, or blended learning environments.

Freckle Practice Tool

Reach every student at their own level with skills-based practice in math and ELA—both inside and outside the classroom.

Growth Alliance *For US curriculum only

Your favorite edtech partners are working together to improve the way your technology works—so you can accelerate growth for all students.

Growth Platform *For US curriculum only

The Renaissance Growth Platform seamlessly connects our and our partners’ products, providing the data and insights you need to drive student growth.

Schoolzilla Data Dashboards

Giving school leaders the relevant data they need to quickly answer questions around how their schools and students are performing whether learning occurs in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid model.

Want to know more?

Learn more about the products offered by Renaissance.

Learn more about Renaissance products

Complete Literacy Solution

The Complete Literacy Solution from Renaissance helps create a culture of reading by encouraging students of all ages and abilities to read more.

Trusted by educators and researchers worldwide

Decades of research prove the reliability and validity of Renaissance software

Star Assessments



Billions of real-world student data points guide the development of Star tests.

Accelerated Reader


Research studies prove program efficacy, including 30+ peer-reviewed studies



Engaged readers spend 500% more time reading than disengaged readers. 1



Math SGP

Students who practiced with Freckle Maths for recommended minutes per day had higher maths SGPs. 2

  1. Guthrie, John T. (2004). Teaching for literacy engagement. Journal of Literacy Research, 36(1), 1–30.

  2. Renaissance Learning. (2020). Trends in Student Outcome Measures. Wisconsin Rapids, WI: Author.

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Recorded Webinar

School Spotlight: GEMS Wellington Academy, UAE

{Image for the School Spotlight: GEMS Wellington Academy, UAE card

Emma Monteith, Head of English at GEMS First Point School, Dubai discusses how Renaissance solutions have supported the school over the last few years.

Success story

The English College in Prague

{Image for the The English College in Prague card

The English College in Prague was established, and continues to exist, to provide an English-medium education for young people in Prague, primarily of Czech origin, which is second to none academically but also develops every individual’s potential to the full and prepares them for the practical, social, intellectual and moral challenges that they will face in today’s globalised society.

Customer spotlight

The Complete Literacy Solution at Harrow Bangkok

{Image for the The Complete Literacy Solution at Harrow Bangkok card

Following a discovery of outstanding Renaissance Learning solution usage statistics, we got in touch with Tyla Arabas, Head of English Faculty, to find out what staff and students are doing that makes Harrow Bangkok such a successful reading school.

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