What is the Renaissance Growth Platform?

On the Renaissance Growth Platform, you’ll see the information you need at a glance to monitor and drive growth for every student. It’s safe, seamless, and, best of all, it aggregates the data to let you do what you do best: teach.

Upgrade so that you—and your students—can begin to benefit from the following:

  • Fresh new look organised to help you easily navigate and find what you want.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use target-setting tools to set personalised goals for students.
  • Enhanced reports are at your fingertips to immediately get the data you need to inform your decisions.
  • Parent or guardian email options to keep them informed about their child’s Star test performance and Accelerated Reader progress.
  • A new Accelerated Reader Record Book that makes day-to-day implementation tasks easier by displaying class and student level quizzing data like the last quiz taken, who is reading above or below their ZPD—and take action to review quiz answers, reprint TOPS reports and much more.
  • Increased data security to ensure student data is protected.


Updates to Accelerated Reader and Star Assessments

Your RGP Upgrade Step By Step

Step 1 – Learn more about the benefits of our new platform

The following video highlights the changes you will see in our new platform. You can expect an improved user experience and interface, greater data security and some significant enhancements to Star Reading and Accelerated Reader for you and your students.

Look out for emails with more information, and watch out for our upcoming live training sessions.

Step 2 – Back to school set-up

For guidance on back-to-school set-up with the new platform, please click below.

Learn more
teacher with students using pcs

Step 3 – Download the upgrade checklist

Now your upgrade has happened, download this checklist and follow the post-migration steps so that you can share information about the upgrade with your colleagues.

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Renaissance Unified Scale Score

We would like to draw your attention to a change you will see in the Star Assessments. Students will now be measured using the Renaissance Unified Scale Score.

Questions? Reach out to our Customer Support team

We’re here to support you throughout the entire process. Please bookmark this page for future reference and share the link with your colleagues.