Join our upcoming webinar on January 31st! Be part of the conversation between Chante Givens, the Academic Director of Beijing International Bilingual Academy (BIBA), and Frances Kingston, a Renaissance expert and consultant. Together, they’ll unravel the secrets of cultivating a personalised and engaging reading culture in the context of international schools.

The session will highlight the challenges faced by schools and discuss the innovative strategies employed by teachers to address the specific needs of students at various levels and backgrounds. Explore the literacy success of BIBA driven by timely intervention, instructional methods, and cutting-edge reading tools. Gain insights into how educators engage with parents and construct an immersive reading environment at the school level that has a really positive impact on embedding a reading culture for all.

Chante has 19 years of education experience across the United States, the Middle East, and China, providing her with a deep understanding of diverse educational landscapes. Frances, with over 27 years of teaching experience, is set to bring a wealth of enriching experiences to our upcoming event, ensuring a dynamic and well-rounded perspective that is certain to enhance the learning experience for all participants.

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