The structure of a library is very important in appealing and nurturing student’s reading engagement.

In this webinar, Charlotte Todd, who is in charge of the reading system at Harrow Shenzhen International School, and Katrina Piggott who is a former librarian and a current Renaissance specialist, will be discussing methods on how to set-up an engaging library to further nurture and optimise student’s reading engagement and uplift overall your school library’s reading experience for the students.

Librarians, librarian leaders, reading instructors, Head of English, English teacher and classroom teachers may find this webinar’s information applicative but all level of educators are welcome to join this webinar.

Takeaways from this webinar:

1. Setting up reading plans and implementation methods

2. Tracking and reporting student’s reading progression

3. Reading engagements through activities

4. Digital resources to enhance reading

Join us in this webinar on 7th March 2023, Tuesday, 5.00pm (Beijing/Singapore Time)

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