myON and the International Baccalaureate (IB)

myON is a student-centered, personalized platform with a wide variety of authentic fiction and non-fiction books, making it a great fit for the IB setting. Read on to see how myON promotes student agency and to discover some of the creative ways it can be used in units of inquiry, research projects, language development activities, and more.

Empower students to build their reading skills in a way that works for them

Students can:

  • Choose books based on their age, reading level, and interests
  • Customize their myON Library for easy access to favorite topics
  • Self-monitor reading time and progress
  • Select unit of inquiry materials that best suit their reading needs


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Partner School Programme
Focus Skills
Offer students embedded supports and interactive tools to not only build language skills but develop self-management and research skills

Students can:

• Use the Journal in a variety of creative ways
• Record references with the help of the Citation tool
• Find words in the Dictionary to build vocabulary
• Use sticky notes and annotations tools to interact with the text
• Listen along with professionally recorded audio

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Foster global mindedness with myON News

Incorporate myON News time into the weekly schedule to help promote a lifelong interest in current events and build communication skills.

With five age-appropriate news articles delivered every weekday, 52 weeks a year, students can stay up-to-date on the latest news, discoveries, world events, sports, and more.

Students can:

  • Engage in multimedia to better understand the news
  • See where news is occurring relative to their location
  • Search the archive for articles related to units of inquiry or topics of interest
  • Read an idea for taking action after every article


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Partner School Programme
Create transdisciplinary projects for students
Create transdisciplinary projects for students

Teachers can:
• Collaborate across subject areas
• Include graphic organizers to make thinking visible
• Use all-purpose tasks for offline activities, such as drama
• Provide peer review opportunities for students
• Share projects with colleagues and the IB community


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Access immediate actionable data

Teachers can:

  • See student progress in key categories like usage and proficiency, growth over time, and reading habits and trends.
  • Use this data to inform teaching and celebrate achievements
  • Set goals with students and monitor progress towards these


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Read what they are saying about our solutions

myON is a great tool for PYP. My project depended on being informed about the world and relationships between countries that I wouldn’t have known, had it not been for myON News. myON allowed me to choose what I wanted to read, instead of mandatory reading that only got rid of my will to read.

myON is a great complement for our students’ media literacy. Our school is a current applicant for the MYP program and myON was assessed as one of the relevant resources with a positive and transdisciplinary impact on the school curriculum. We use it to contextualize and develop our units. It helps foster love for reading as students can read according to their interests and the real-time reporting of performance allows students to take responsibility for their progress.

Students can now read a digital book on myON, wherever they are, and with a click of a button, they can go straight through to AR quizzing.