What is myON?

myON is an online literacy program designed to improve reading skills in students. It offers a vast digital library of fiction and non-fiction books. The platform personalises the reading experience for each student, suggesting books based on their abilities and interests, promoting a love for reading and encouraging skill expansion.

myON provides students with tools to enhance comprehension and engagement. These include a dictionary, highlighting and note-taking features, and audio narration for read-aloud assistance. These tools foster a deeper understanding of the text, vocabulary development, and critical thinking skills. myON also incorporates assessments for educators to assess reading growth and comprehension, enabling customised instruction and setting individualised reading goals.


Main features of myON

  • Vast Digital Book Library: Access thousands of digital books across various genres.
  • Personalised Reading Recommendations: Get book recommendations tailored to each student’s reading level and interests.
  • Reading Assessments and Analytics: Gain insights into student reading progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Teacher Dashboard and Resources: Track student performance, assign books, and access teaching resources.
  • Flexible Access: Read and learn from anywhere, whether in the classroom or at home.
  • Interactive Reading Tools: Enhance the reading experience with interactive features such as: highlighting, multimedia elements, and student-recorded read-aloud.
  • Multi-Language Support: Explore books in multiple languages to accommodate diverse student populations in addition to the built-in dictionary tool.

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Three reasons why you should use myON

1. Customisable & Engaging Content

Tailor myON to meet your specific requirements while honouring the country’s unique culture. Customise the platform to align with your curriculum and provide culturally appropriate reading materials.

2. Built-in Assessment Tool

Accurately assess student progress with myON’s built-in tool, which calculates reading age and provides valuable insights for tailored instruction.

3. Comprehension Quizzes

Enhance reading comprehension skills with interactive quizzes accompanying the books students read. Assess understanding, foster critical thinking, and reinforce learning.


Read what are they saying about myON

We very much like the graphs at the end of the reports, which tell us the children who are meeting or exceeding their reading level and those children who are a concern and it's been able to allow us to monitor the progress between those three bandings.

With myON and AR's aid, we have successfully enabled our students to blaze their own trail in reading, and they are thoroughly enjoying the journey.

Students can now read a digital book on myON, wherever they are, and with a click of a button, they can go straight through to AR quizzing.

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