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Our team has curated an excellent list of resources in collaboration with GL Education to assist teachers in enhancing their students’ reading skills. Register now to access resources, research reports, helpful articles, and support information designed to encourage all students to read during the holiday season and throughout the year.


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Free Literacy Resources

10 Days of Christmas: Unlock Free Resources Everyday


Using NGRT to target reading interventions and improve literacy outcomes

Assessment Tips

Looking for new tools to personalise learning? Check out Craigmore High School’s success story, a large secondary school in Australia, for unique ways to engage with your students. When they started using NGRT, they found that it allowed them to quickly identify students needing reading intervention at regular intervals throughout the year and support teachers in delivering targeted learning for all students.

What Kids Are Reading 2023

What Kids Are Reading 2023

Now in its 15th year, this report remains the UK’s most in-depth analysis of the books read and enjoyed by primary and secondary-age children over the entire school year, including Specific breakdowns by region, gender and year group.

New Group Reading Test

Blog Post: Why the best data comes with a dash of SAS?

In this great blog, we take you through what exactly is the New Group Reading Test, and how can it help teachers support their students. We know, that interpreting data could be challenging with all the jargon. Georgina Cook unpacks GL Education’s popular reading assessment.



The Effect of myON Reader™ on EFL Reading

The Effect of myON Reader™ on EFL Reading

The number one challenge for teachers of English in a foreign language (EFL) setting is providing their students with adequate comprehensible input—listening and reading opportunities students can understand—to facilitate acquiring those four skills. In the case of reading, there are many choices. Educators need to know that the materials they choose are effective and efficient.

Literary Podcast

Understanding reading needs - top tips for supporting all learners

In this episode of our podcast, we’re joining the dots on reading with Beth Morrish from Meridian Trust to discuss how they use data from NGRT, including Reading Ages, to help teachers improve their literacy strategy.


The Impact of EdTech on Teacher Workload and Student Learning

Teacher Survey: The Impact of EdTech on Teacher Workload and Student Learning

A recent Renaissance survey revealed unanimous agreement among teachers, with over 90% highlighting the significance of educational technology (EdTech) in easing teacher workload and enhancing teacher well-being. As the academic year 2023/24 unfolds, 48% of educators in the region intend to harness EdTech and digital learning platforms to support student learning, effectively addressing the challenges posed by an increasing workload.

 Reading Support Pathway

Reading Support Pathway Report

Our philosophy is that supporting the “right” students in the “right” way always leads to progress. With this in mind, we developed the NGRT assessment to evaluate a student’s word reading (sentence completion) and comprehension (passage comprehension) skills. However, we understand that every student is unique, and that’s why we created the Reading Support Pathway, a graduated response model that enables you to tailor your support to their needs. Using this model, you can fine-tune your approach and provide the targeted support your students need to thrive.

Enhancing Reading Proficiency Webinar

Pre-recorded webinar: Enhancing Reading Proficiency

This pre-recorded webinar is tailored for educators seeking to enhance their students’ reading proficiency and cultivate lifelong readers. Discover how to maximise the benefits of Literacy Solutions, implement personalised reading plans, track progress, and motivate students to achieve their reading goals.

NGRT 'lightbulb moments' - Reluctant Rhian

NGRT 'lightbulb moments' - Reluctant Rhian

Like many learners in Years 8 and 9 (Grades 7 and 8), Rhian found it challenging to keep up with the demands of reading in secondary school. Her NGRT data showed that while she seemed okay on the surface, things could soon start to unravel for her.




(Podcast) Designing a consistent and engaging reading curriculum

Designing a consistent and engaging reading curriculum: Outwood Grange’s journey to success

Join this conversation with Ben McGarry, Director of English for the OGAT primary academies, as he shares his experiences pitching and developing their trust-wide reading strategy and curriculum. This consistent approach across the academies allows them to pilot impactful and innovative activities which not only support student learning, but also build engagement in reading – and don’t just take their word for it, Ofsted thinks so too.