November 14, 2023

A recent Renaissance survey in the Middle East revealed unanimous agreement among teachers, with over 90% highlighting the significance of educational technology (EdTech) in easing teacher workload and enhancing teacher well-being. As the academic year 2023/24 unfolds, 48% of educators in the region intend to harness EdTech and digital learning platforms to support student learning, effectively addressing the challenges posed by an increasing workload.

The survey, which garnered responses from over 130 senior school leaders, department heads, and teachers, demonstrates the various ways in which EdTech is transforming education in the Middle East. Teachers actively employ EdTech to motivate students through activities like quizzes and comprehension exercises. They also use technology to gain insights into student progress, tailor assignments for individual pupils, and provide support as students learn at their own pace.

Educators returning to the classroom in the 2023/24 academic year face the challenges of addressing the attainment gap (26%) and meeting academic year requirements (20%). Yet, the survey highlights the positive impact of EdTech in the previous academic year. Most respondents noted that EdTech facilitated blended learning (21%), personalised the educational experience for each student (20%), and identified students in need of extra support (17%).

Furthermore, 43% of teachers reported improved student attainment targets compared to the previous year. Over half felt well-prepared to assess these differences, and 34% were equally ready to take actions based on these findings.

The survey also identified the core skills where students experienced the most significant learning loss compared to the previous year. English Literacy (55%) and Math (36%) stood out as the areas with the most decline. To address these challenges, over 70% of surveyed teachers intend to increase their use of EdTech in the current academic year.

EdTech is proving to be a potent tool in the Middle East, not only in reducing teacher workload but also in enhancing student learning. As educators continue to embrace technology in the classroom, it is evident that the partnership between teachers and EdTech will pave the way for a more effective and tailored learning experience for students in the region.

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