We do a benchmark test, so an English assessment at the beginning of the year, end of the year and then at the end of each term. During that time, we use the Star test which coincides with the benchmark so that we can track the children's progress.

Using Star Assessments, we then set their goals on Accelerated Reader. We try to encourage the children to reach those goals on a termly basis, so they’re encouraged to read more in the library.

Implementing Accelerated Reader and Star to spark reading engagement

Both Accelerated Reader and myON have engaged students more in their reading, they’re all very keen to reach their goals.

In the library, all books are colour coded to their AR level and their Star reading level, so it helps our children to select books that are challenging and more appropriate for them to read. Having the level and points on the books helps them to be more independent and the parents know as well that that book is suitable for them.

We acquired myON to give our students a bit more variety, especially during Covid, where we were online quite a bit, this allowed the children to read and it’s linked to AR so they were still able to reach their goals at a distance.

Creating a reading culture

Our students are reading different types of books that they wouldn’t necessarily have picked out for themselves, based on the AR level, particularly non-fiction. They’re expanding their vocabulary and they are engaged in reading.

We use the Renaissance certificate templates, and we do a Rise and Shine assembly where we hand out the certificate if the students reach their goals.

Challenges of hybrid learning

We operate a zero Covid policy here so, every time there is a case we don’t come into school. Sometimes we come to school for a month or two months and then we’re not in school for a period of time.

Both myON and AR have really helped with that transition. myON particularly with the knowledge organisers and the different tasks you can set on the programme, it has made it very easy for us to set reading tasks and it has allowed us to hit some of the key skills in our curriculum.

Supporting Teacher planning with Renaissance solutions

We do guided reading in groups, so we use the Star reading levels to change the groups depending on how the students are performing, for example mixed ability groups and level groups. You can sort by ranks when doing tests so its super helpful in differentiating tasks for them.

We hosted a Reading programme evening here we taught parents how to use AR and myON which helped their relationship with the school and got them engaged and involved so that they could help with student reading at home.

The Diagnostic Report is really good. It shows parents how they can help and it’s great for students who have external tuition, which a lot of our children do, so parents can share this with their tutors to show what level they are working at and support them in providing content at the right level.

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