What is Lalilo?

Lalilo is an educational technology platform designed to enhance the reading and literacy skills of early learners. The platform provides a structured curriculum with interactive lessons and activities, aligning with essential reading skills like phonics, phonological awareness, vocabulary, and comprehension.

It employs adaptive learning technology to personalize the learning experience for each student, tailoring content and pacing based on their individual needs. It incorporates engaging activities to reinforce key literacy concepts while offering teachers a dashboard to monitor student progress and identify areas requiring additional support.

Lalilo is accessible online, promoting learning in various settings, and provides data-driven insights to educators. By integrating with school curricula, featuring gamification elements, and offering continuous support, it aims to make the development of reading skills enjoyable and effective for young learners.


Benefits of using Lalilo

  • Accessibility: The Lalilo platform is versatile, accessible on tablets and computers, suitable for both classroom and remote learning environments.
  • Enhanced learning features: Lalilo offers adaptive learning and AI for personalized practice, student-led instructions, gamification, progression tracking, automated exercises, reporting, read-aloud, and speech recognition features.
  • Improved student outcomes: Students using Lalilo experience significant learning gains compared to non-users, demonstrate increased interest in reading, engage in more practice sessions, and are more likely to meet state standards or intervention goals.
  • Time savings for teachers: Teachers save approximately 45 minutes per student on weekly individualized activities and up to 5 hours per week by leveraging effective 1-1 read-aloud interactions facilitated by Lalilo.
  • Alignment with educational goals: Lalilo supports educators in improving student outcomes and meeting educational standards or intervention goals, enhancing the overall learning experience for both students and teachers.


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How is Lalilo adaptive?

Students begin Lalilo with a placement activity. After 30 quick questions (approximately 10 minutes), students are placed at a starting point in Lalilo’s scope and sequence, and they begin learning at an appropriate level.

Continuous Scaffolding
Lalilo’s adaptive learning technology continuously uses students’ performance to choose the next exercises with the right level of support. When students are struggling, Lalilo offers them scaffolded content with additional audio, visual, or instructional cues or offers a direct instruction component when needed.
When students are quickly successful, Lalilo gives them more rigorous content within the same skill and accelerates their progression through the scope and sequence.



Aligned to the science of reading


With Lalilo, give students adaptive practice and explicit instruction in phonics, phonology, and phonemic awareness. Students interact with letters and sounds in multiple ways. Monitor progress down to the phoneme, letter, and sound level through the Teacher Dashboard.

Sight words

Teach high-frequency sight words explicitly and systematically. All Lalilo sight words appear on either the Dolch, Fry, or Fountas & Pinnell lists.

Word families

Through scaffolded lessons, Lalilo gives students the chance to take the letter-sound relationships they’ve learned and practice them across word families to solidify recognition of spelling patterns. Teachers can also assign any lesson on Lalilo to match core curriculum or provide small-group instruction.


Lalilo offers practice for both listening and reading comprehension interspersed throughout the scope and sequence. Stories include learning scaffolds and comprehension questions built right into each lesson.

Grammar and conventions

Personalise grammar instruction with Lalilo so each student has the time and practice they need to master these critical skills for reading success. With Lalilo, students build on what they’ve already learned and work on exercises that allow them to practice grammar and conventions independently.

Read what educators think of Lalilo

My students cheer when it's time for Lalilo! Lalilo has made a huge difference as students get instruction and practice when I can't physically be with each one.

Lalilo is an awesome program that students find engaging and that works to meet their level and needs. It is such a beautiful and well-needed program that all teachers and students should cherish.

Lalilo is perfect for differentiating phonics instruction and allowing student independence. My students enjoy the game aspect of Lalilo and are excited to earn books, badges, and rewards as they make progress.

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