Keep students reading with enhanced, digital myON books

To help keep students reading all summer long, we are offering FREE, limited access to thousands of enhanced digital myON books and myON News articles until the start of the New School Year.


Simply complete and submit the registration form below for access to the following resources. Please note, free access ends on October 9th 2022:

  • The ‘Core Collection’ of over 6,000 fiction and non-fiction myON books suitable for Primary and Secondary aged pupils
  • Five daily myON News articles written by professional journalists and reviewed by child psychologists for age appropriateness
  • Certificates of Participation for those reading at least 20 books over the free access period, and the chance to win spot prizes!

The difference between the free access and full access of myON

Free access gives you a taste of what myON and myON News can offer you and your students, but full access brings you even more. Some of the features included in the full access to myON:

– Authentic texts

– Unlimited access

– Personalised learning

– Homework features

– Accessibility

– Interactivity

– Enriching topics

– Safe and appropriate

Read what are they saying about myON

We very much like the graphs at the end of the reports, which tell us the children who are meeting or exceeding their reading level and those children who are a concern and it's been able to allow us to monitor the progress between those three bandings.

myON is very useful for reading beginners or students with deficient English levels, so it helps them hear words aloud with myON’s audio feature. It is an excellent resource for SEN/EAL students.

Students can now read a digital book on myON, wherever they are, and with a click of a button, they can go straight through to AR quizzing.

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Simply complete and submit the registration form below. Please note, free access ends on October 9th 2022.

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