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myON in the EFL World

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Millions of students are currently learning English as a foreign or additional language. Yet to fully succeed in this endeavour, most students must see and hear English as it is actually used by native speakers to express meaning.

Watch this webinar to discover how myON—a digital literacy platform from Renaissance—will help you provide learners with the authentic, comprehensible input they need for success. You’ll explore how myON:

  • Creates a personalised, engaging learning experience for all students
  • Helps students build English vocabulary and literacy skills
  • Provides you with real-time reporting on student engagement and growth
  • Fully supports content and language integrated learning (CLIL)


Carol Johnson is a bilingual educator and National Education Officer at Renaissance. She holds a PhD in Second Language Acquisition & Teaching, specializing in how people learn second languages.

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myON in the EFL World