Step 1 – Your upgrade date has been scheduled

If you aren’t aware of your scheduled upgrade date, please contact your Renaissance site administrator and/or contact Customer Support at +44 (0)20 7184 4000.

Step 2 – Start preparing for your upgrade

Once your upgrade date is scheduled, your Upgrade Support representative will be reaching out to you. They will be your key contact to assist you through all phases of the upgrade process.

In the meantime, download the step-by-step guidelines and resource list so that you can share information about the upgrade with your colleagues.

Step 3 – More resources to support you

Renaissance Growth Platform Resources:


Star Assessments Resources:


Star Curriculum Based Measures (CBM) Resources:

What is the Renaissance Growth Platform?

In Star, on the Renaissance Growth Platform, you’ll be able to see the information you need at-a-glance to monitor and drive growth for every student. It’s safe; it’s seamless; and, best of all, it aggregates the data to let you do what you do best: teach.

Upgrade so that you—and your students—can begin to benefit from:

  • Brand new, modern look and feel, organized around you
  • Set goals, monitor progress, and track growth
  • Updated and enhanced reports
  • Solution for bilingual and dual language classrooms
  • Keep parents and guardians informed
  • Data is secured and backed up

Watch this video to get a preview of what you can expect after you upgrade

Questions? Reach out to our Customer Support team

We’re here to support you throughout the entire process. Please bookmark this page for future reference and share the link with your colleagues.

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